What does Florida’s booming population growth mean for investing in Florida real estate?

The sunshine state’s population is soaring as more and more Americans are migrating south. It may be the beautiful weather and landscape, the favorable taxes, or the growing job market, but this appears to be a trend that is here to stay.

According to the Demographic Estimating Conference, Florida’s population will surpass 22 million residents by 2022. Florida is already the nation’s third most populous state behind California and Texas. For many, this increased growth is exciting as it brings about opportunity for the state, but it begs the question if the current housing supply in Florida real estate can meet this increasing demand.

Forbes reports that from 2010-2016, on average there were 114,744 new households per year, but only 57,952 new housing units. With the surge of population growth that we are witnessing in 2019, this disparity will only increase. Given this lack of availability, now is the ideal time to invest in Florida real estate that is so sought after to meet the swelling demand.

New households, families in Florida FIGURE 4 FROM STALEY, MILLSAP, AND NASTASI (2019)